What's next for Instagram in 2019?

2018 brought more video, more ads and new algorithm changes (*sigh) to Instagram. We saw the platform jump in popularity and users, positioning itself as the preferred platform for social media enthusiasts. But what’s in store for 2019? We’ve got some predictions of what our favorite photo and video sharing platform may have up their sleeves this coming year!

  1. Better Analytics

    As advertising booms on Instagram, we have a sneaking suspicion that Instagram’s analytics will catch up to this influx of $$$. In other words, better analytics are coming! As more people use Instagram for their business, we will see improved reports to better track what’s working and what’s not for your brand.

  2. More from IGTV

    We were soooo excited about IGTV… but we have to admit, it kind of fell flat for us. This sentiment has been resonating around the interwebs and we have a feeling that Instagram will be pumping some money into IGTV improvements and new features. We may see better search features and monetization options in IGTV in 2019.

  3. Instagram Stories Features

    With the recent additions of choosing “close friends”, replying to story “questions” with music and the countdown feature - you can bet your bottom dollar that Instagram will continue to add fun, interactive features to increase it’s robust IG story repertoire. We’d like to see the “Swipe Up” option for ALL business profiles! Can we get an amen?!!

  4. Working with Influencers

    The popularity of using influencers and micro influencers is on the rise. We suspect that Instagram will make it easier to connect with people on the platform in 2019. No more getting lost in a sea of DM’s, we’ll hopefully have an easier way to reach out to the people we want to work with!

  5. More Ads 😒

    Womp, womp. We saved this for last because, let’s face it, no one wants more ads. But as the platform grows, it’s bound to happen. Instagram is owned by Facebook and it’s almost certain that we’ll see increased ads in 2019.

Either way, we are excited to experiment with whatever Instagram throws our way in 2019!